Case Studies

Heofon Light Maze

Project Type – Art and Cultural Lighting

Client – LeedsBID

An international collaboration. The installation was designed specifically for ARRO by Ben Busche of Brut Deluxe and manufactured by Ilmex Illumination Global.

The installation consists of a maze based on a triangular geometry and built of 23 x 2.30m high panels of acrylic glass. A dichroic film glued to one side of the acrylic glass converts the panels in semi-transparent and reflects or shifts the light rays along the entire colour range of a rainbow while the spectator moves in the installation. On the other side of each acrylic glass sheet, a specifically created pattern of grooves is mechanically carved in. The grooves are illuminated by powerful LED rails with subtly shifting colours located in the inferior and superior framework. The panels on the outer perimeter are provided with a mirror film converting the interior in an infinity room – a unique cosmos of overlapping light patterns and constantly changing colours. Heofon premiered in Leeds, October 2017 and continues to exhibit around the UK.

Photography by Chris Klienman

Film on the Homepage by Studio Bokehgo

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